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At Whau Ace we have many ongoing events in our local communities. From our Job Café events to our Technology for 55+ courses - there is always something on. Keep up to date by checking on this page so that you can see what is coming up in your area. We would love to see you at one of these events!

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This is to share my thoughts and provide feedback on the wonderful work that the ‘Job Café’ team have been carrying out at the Glen Eden Library this year. Since mid-year, the ladies have visited our library on a weekly basis, offering advice, support and essential resources to adults wishing to re-enter the workplace. Their genuine people skills and outright warmth is an asset to them and the work that they are trying to achieve within our struggling communities. Nothing is too much trouble for them, which is the right attitude for this type of work. We have received very positive feedback form both users of their service and other library patrons, commenting on their lovely approach and valuable assistance that they provide. I am 100% supportive of this service and would happily continue hosting it in my library for as long as possible. These initiatives take time to build momentum and for the word to get around, so I truly want to support the wonderful team in what they are trying to achieve.

Glen Eden Library

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Whau ACE would not be able to serve our community if it were not for the help of individuals and organisations. We acknowledge the following for their support of our programs, staff and our purpose;